When and how do you validate forms in a usability perspective? — on Quora

The Need

Preferably: Immediately (but that’s not always feasible), so …

  • Validate the form When there is a NEED

This is identified in your Workflow, which identifies paths and dependencies.

There are points when you can’t – or shouldn’t – proceed until you have first “taken care of business”.

An accurate Workflow and coherent Business Requirements are essential to good design.

A usability consideration is, of course, delay. No one wants to wait around while you do your homework.

  • A possible solution is to do your validation ‘in the background’, while the audience is busy doing other things. This reduces the perceived inconvenience.

The Why

As for How to do validation: That’s not really an issue for usability. Here are a couple of usability-related issues:

  • Provide your audience with some useful Transparency on the process (i.e. “This is Why Validation is Necessary”)
  • Provide updates on status (i.e. “You are currently [ at this point in the process ]. You’ll be ready in about 2 minutes.”)
  • Allow your audience the ability to quickly self-educate on the topic (i.e. “More on Validation …”)

One of the ways to both inform & entertain is to present a mini-tutorial on the process.



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