I [heart] Librarians

Value Proposition:

In the ‘information economy’ the Librarian is a Caretaker of Connections

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The exercise of Semantic Integrity can take different forms:

Information Architects : conceptual structure

“Taggers” : helpful annotation

Content Managers : aggregate and reconcile tags; curate


A challenge of UX is often to come up with “the” UI interface and the structure of engagement

But that misses the fact that

We really want to be able to get to the right place via different paths


The socialNet is an environment which is rich in platforms and audiences – but it’s also very scattered, compartmentalized and inconsistent.

That’s why Curation for all these interactive services is key. Can it be effectively budgeted, monetized, or crowdsourced? Well, that’s just a whole ‘nother rant, isn’t it?

Here’s why I now publish my content on my proprietary sites – rather than on socialNet platforms:

  • I can cross-pollinate among relevant articles
  • Easier to maintain
  • Centralized source (I can Recycle, Point, and Hook)
  • Better content management tools

Why Are We Here? was first posted on LI a long old time ago…

Some attributes of Good Interactive Tools:


  •  for the self-directed


  • for the disinterested


  • for trusting speedsters


Context is Everything

  • R elevant (information architecture)
  • O bvious (user interface)
  • S peedy (anticipated Workflow)
  • E asy (concise)
  • S atisfying (appropriate)


Fight for ‘self-aware’ presentation

Conan the Librarian


Some other semantic stuff:

Tag, You’re Relevant

Context is Everything

It’s Semantic

the InfoCloud


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