Small Tweaks : Big Difference

“What are some small tweaks to a website that can make a huge difference to the user experience?” – on Quora

I have a long career of doing the MakeOver for weak websites, which often involves dealing with Legacy Problems. That’s all okay by me … when you have the budget to hire me.

But – especially if you don’t have graphical tools or tech skills – the easiest&best bang-for-your-buck is often to deal with content issues.

  • terminology – use accessible words
  • glossary – explain what you’re talking about
  • consistency – make the visitor learn once
  • labeling – concise, understandable, consistent buttons & titles
  • organization – “content management” of your message

These are the sorts of tweaks that you can probably accomplish yourself with modest textual editorial tools.

First Steps

A first step towards insight is often to do a Content Inventory of what’s on your site.

It’s a step towards the Information Architecture, which is the basis for an organized, self-evident presentation.

Don’t underestimate the value of your content.

Surface Styling is important. And it’s valuable. But it’s not a strategy.


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