‘Moving pictures’

… are cool and entertaining … But they can also often be trite and distracting.

Here are some of the ways we can use animation to reinforce content.


Iconic “meme”

One of my first gif animator exercises was to capture this simple “flutter-by” which I originally drew using magic marker pens on 5″ x 7″ cards for a film animation workshop at MIT back in the summer of 1976.

I captured the images and created this little visual one-liner quickly and with little effort. (It’s a pre-digital ‘vine‘)

Enhanced Logo

This simple Lotus Blossum animated a client’s logo : CP Cohen Art & Design.  The simple fade-in-and-out styling reinforced the gentle tone of the image.

It’s a branding statement.

A Sense of Scale and Scope

This Label+Logo Keywords Showcase was intended as an eye-catcher for a feature of my portfolio website by focusing on Domain Experience. The showcase allows you to parse 100+ clients by your area of interest.

What: looping slideshow of titles. I call it a ‘carousel’

How: The whole thing doesn’t last long and changes quickly (each title appears for no more than 1.0 seconds, client logos appear for only 0.5 seconds).   It”s done more for effect than for comprehension.

Why: The animation is a ‘hook‘ to get you to take a look at the feature – and hopefully to use the keywords tool.


Tell the Story

“That was then…” is an automated mini-slideshow which ‘presents the value propositions’ of one of my  website design engagement makeovers : NIA Group.

It’s basically a short, animated powerpoint that tells the story of what got done – and a why.


Set the Marketing Hook


This 16-page guidebook was an integral part of a corporate commodities website redesign rollout at Bunge Global Markets in 2005.

The animation is not intended to educate.  It gives a hint of the important stuff by quickly giving you just a visual taste of the basic questions and agendas.  Interested?


Emphasize your Point


This ‘mini-slideshow’ serves as a visual attractor and also communicates your argument concisely.


Illustrate the Point

[ TBD ]


Animation can be used a bunch of different ways.  More to come …


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