Gathering Customer Info

Most sites offer a menu of Products, with a description, some contextual information, perhaps a scenario or a support tool – along with the opportunity to get (or request) further information and an invitation to contact an advisor.

Sites try to tickle out information from visitors:

Lurk. Act upon customer actions as they navigate the site.  This is a passive approach and is highly dependent on the self-direction of the customer.  “Delegator” types are likelier to fall through the cracks.

Interrogate.  A questionnaire is efficient, but is also blatant – and is usually off-putting.  Sometimes it is softened with the offer of some reward in return.

Engage.  Get the customer to talk about themselves. This is a pro-active approach that drives the information-gathering dialog without being obvious.  Engagement is dependent on having a good “hook”.

  • A scenario that articulates a Life/Trigger Event
  • An “FAQ” type question that focuses on a Concern
  • A premium or Service (s.a. a “Nest Egg Scorecard”)


Interaction Design Approaches


At the very highest level we might offer:

How May I Help You? (guidance for the delegator)

Help Yourself! (tools for the soloist)

Keeping Score

Customer scores points for following and/or completing behavioral paths.  Points indicate where the customer is on the Delegator – Collaborator – Soloist continuum.  The score (and their particular interest areas) become a part of their profile.

The simplest implementation is to have 2 separate website navigation paths for the two main profiles.

A more complex implementation is to have the pages in a customer’s navigation path individually “customized” on the basis of their profile – but this seems a bit much for right now.





Goes to Guide Me package


Completes Guide Me step-by-step process


Goes to Product / Service List


Signs up / Requests Product info


Directly Contacts Advisor




This is the most popular format on most sites.  Identify target issues and see if they resonate with a customer.  Examples:

  • How should I plan for my retirement?
  • How should I plan for my retirement?
  • How can I lower my tax bill?
  • How can I ensure that my wealth is transferred to my loved ones?
  • How can I ensure the financial security of my family?



Trade a premium or service for customer information.

For example:  In order to receive an “assessment score” for an area of interest to the customer (s.a. “Buy a Vacation Home”), the customer must provide some information.


About You

People like to talk about themselves – if (1) they don’t feel that they’re being pumped and (2) they feel that they get some value in return.  A gentle “about you” conversation can drive a dialog in which (a limited number of) relevant options can quickly target the customer’s profile and interest areas. The customer should receive an information reward whenever they provide information about themselves.

Age Where are you now?

·         Retirement is far off

·         Retirement in 5-10 years

·         Retiring now

·         Already Retired

Perhaps the primary attribute and determinant for …

Values What’s important now?

·         Security

·         Education

·         Health

·         Family

·         House

This changes over time (age), but is a gating factor for …

Events  / Triggers Why do you want to do it?


Hones in on specific needs…

·         Buy a Vacation Home

·         Afford private schooling

·         Retirement Strategy

·         Reduce Mortgage Payments


A fairly simple rules-based engine can make such a brief Q&A relevant.  The customer who uses such a tool is likely to be a Delegator or a Collaborator.


Information Collateral

Life/Trigger Events Concerns
First Job

Changing Job



New Child



Major Purchase

New Wealth


Care for Elderly Parent

Loss of Loved One

Emergency Funds

Home Ownership

Lower Tax

Financial Security


Small Business

Lifestyle support

Estate Planning


Catastrophic Risks


Background Personal Attributes



Investable assets

Marital Status




Trust in Advisors

Reliance on Advisors

Needs Goals



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