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The Front End Design Team at Instinet provided a central pool of design resources to software development groups throughout the enterprise. Our primary commitment was to the Order Management System (OMS), Instinet’s flagship electronic online stock trading tool.

We focused on UI modelingdata compatibilitystyling standardsbest practicescommon specifications, and ease of use.

Portal Design Services : Instinet

As the lead interface designer at Instinet I also provided design services, cross-functional integration, design standards, best practices and documentation to a number of projects across the enterprise:

Order Management System / File Conversion component

VB clickable demosite model of interface for File Conversion component of OMS Crossing Services application, Design Guidelines document

ADR Calculator

Order Management System / Setup Wizard component

Documentation Production System

  • Created design templates and defined graphics management techniques for documentation produced by Front End Design Team (other software programming groups now also use the templates).

Instinet Transaction Analysis

Clearing History

  • VB interface and front end for internal Clearing Information History database software, Design Guidelines document

Order Management System / Allocations component

  • UI design for Allocations component of Order Management System, Business Requirements document (57 pages).

Order Management System version 6.0

Design Resource Center / Design StyleSheet and Code Library

  • Guided VB programmers in defining reusable functional code modules and integrating them systematically in our software products, Created enterprise-wide Design Resource Center database in Lotus Notes as central repository and distribution system for these materials and electronic mail connection to participating developers and designers throughout the enterprise.

Installation Tracking

Customer Database & Client Tracking

  • Consultation with Internal DevelopmentGroup and VB clickable demosite interface modeling re conversion of customer database to a format which will service enterprise-wide needs

Internal Billing System

  • Customer Billing VB clickable demosite model for interface and front end for internal billing system using Customer Database and Excel, Ongoing consultation with CIS developer, Design Specification document

Soft Dollar

  • Consultation with NYC Soft Dollar Group and LondonVB Development Group in conversion of Exponent DOS-based soft dollar tracking system to SINBAD windows interface using VB, Design Specification document

Usability Analysis of Order Management System 5.0

  • Arranged for videotaped usability analysis of OMS 5.0 by human factors professionals at Reuters Usability Lab and follow-up review by OMS Development Group.

Order Management System version 6.1

  • Liaison with Order Management System Development Group for code implementation of RACEspecification (desktop compliance with Reuters products: s.a. drag & drop among applications, right mousebutton context -sensitive menus) in new version of OMS, as well as extensive improvements to user interface based on Usability Analysis, Business Requirements document

Purchase & Sales

  • Clearing , Risk Management & Clearing Information Systems Assessed user needs and modeled front end in VB for internal Purchase & Sales support utilities (identify trade exceptions, correction tracking, risk management, audit trail, regulatory compliance) using Customer Database and Excel. Business Requirements document (20 pages).

Corporate Intranet : Instinet

Researched and advised management on HTML page production tools, presentation platforms, site management utilities, and intranet production issues.

Provided content management training to divisional staffers.

Consulted directly with managers of client departments in bringing them up to speed on the new technology and migrating “legacy” information.

Intranet Site Development

I personally implemented more than 50% of the initial Instinet intranet content.

  • At the Office” (enterprise structure, organization chart, products & services),
  • Emergency” (Disaster Recovery),
  • Training Calendar” (Career Development)
  • Job Opportunities” (Human Resources)
  • Online Help” Extensive consultation and handholding with client departments. Custom graphical design work.
  • The Design Guidelines document

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Research and Analytics : Instinet

I modeled the user interface in Visual Basic for the Research and Analytics dashboard, a suite of analytical tools for measuring and evaluating information about the stock market.

This was a highly visual, graphical set of decision-support modules, based on live market data and including a strategy panel that responded to variable threshholds and customizable rules.


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