Many enterprise IT shops are repackage their software applications so that clients can both self-market and self-service.

A successful product is almost entirely dependent on Good Usability and UX


Private Label Checklist

Define single point of entry and Brand Identity

  • Unify access to services under one landing page
  • Identity Tag Line

Reconcile legacy websites

Improve Presentation and Usability

  • Make all channel sites conform to common design standards and “best practices”
  • Design consistent look & feel between channel sites
  • Provide common functionality (where appropriate) between channel sites

Competitive analysis

  • Identify and assess competitor services
  • Ensure that the service offers necessary & appropriate feature sets, products and tools
  • Strategize how to gain competitive advantage over other services

Improve Functionality

  • Address gaps in legacy sites
  • Propose improvements to the user experience.

Establish & leverage Customer Profile

  • Establish customer data collection
  • Define & implement access levels
  • Customer Relationship Marketing outreach strategies (information profile, “push” documents, etc.)

Marketing / Cross-market with other services

  • Identify appropriate “lateral connections” and synergistic partners within the enterprise
  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with other marketing media collateral

Package site as a “private label”

  • Identify target audiences
  • Structure service to allow for customization
  • Fine-tune presentation and support services
  • Map implementation/roll-out path & identify support needs
  • Marketing

Customer & Client Support 

(Online self-service)

  • Implement Site-specific support: Online help, FAQ’s, Mini-Presentation Qwik-tour, Roll-out and Training
  • Integrate with Training Modules

Support Infrastructure

  • Identify Customer Service needs
  • Design HelpDesk administration site
  • Define and design maintenance tools

“Back End” infrastructure

  • Common customer database
  • Integration of back-end tools
  • Migrate legacy sites to common platform (reconcile functional modules)

Integrate business lines

  • Requirements for businesses
  • Develop Infrastructure sites and tools to manage packages


Here are some of the clients for whom I did private label or white label repackaging of their flagship applications

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