Fair amount of consensus among professionals re “the importance of UX” in the process.

And – let’s clarify that we’re talking about the research-y (requirements gathering) aspects of Our UX Roles (which encompass Research, Analysis, Architecture, Design, Strategy).

That said … there’s the real world. Where data has often been collected and ordered without a lot of what would be termed conscious ‘user experience’ research.


The term “Design”

Let’s face it: The term design gets thrown around a little too frivolously in these discussions (because it has cachet).

To my mind, UX Design is when you map solutions (navigation, workflows, labels, behaviors, UI, etc.) to an environment.

  • The appropriateness of those design solutions is largely dependent on the UX Research which you’ve done beforehand.

Ditto Database Design: You get a decent set of solutions if you’ve done your research.

  • (Side note: Terminology is critical to creating a viable taxonomy.)

In & Out

UX Design tends to approach the challenge “outside/in

  • The perspective is of an often-naive user.

Database Design tends to approach the challenge “inside/out

  • The perspective is of a systemic model or structure



  1. Research Leads Design.
  2. A good solution is one which accommodates both accessibility and logical structure.
  3. It’s a dance.


The comprehensive answer to this one is an effin’ book. But that’s another rant…



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