What is the key to make a perfect UI/UX?  — on Quora

Framing: The first thing is to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all “perfect UI/UX”. There are – however – some fundamental Best Practices which will ensure an appropriate, well-crafted interface and experience (i.e. “usability“).


Business Analyst

preferably one with ‘subject matter expertise’ – or access to it – who can identify needs (market place, audience, enterprise stakeholders) define requirements (we need this / must avoid that, etc) and perhaps contextualize the challenge (competitive analysis, regulatory restraints). Goal & task oriented.

Information Architect

does content evaluation and “skeletal” structuring: Content Inventory (whatcha got), Librarying (how do we organize it). Results: Sitemap, Search Engine Optimization, site self-awareness. Site-wide oriented.

Interaction Design

Does “the face of the interface” – workflow, Ui, wireframes, and styling (“the paint”). Page oriented.

We should also include

Documentation and Process

… as being essential to successful integration and communication across the implementation vectors.

Analysis, Architecture, Design, Research, and … Strategy

Of course, we also gotta include the healthful effects of self-regulating recursion, as well as sprint-ily manageable agility.

Note: These roles (analyst, architect, designer, documenter, etc.) all need to be addressed – but to varying degrees – according to your situation. It’s possible that several of these roles might be fulfilled by one broadly-skilled UX Professional.

How it all comes together

So, let’s put a word in for the value of a holistic integrator. You can have all the pieces in place, but it don’t mean shit unless somebody champions (and drives) The Vision Thing.

I say “Huzzah for the UX Generalist!

(Full-stack Unicorn Ninja)



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