Is it bad or good to have duplicate menu items?

It’s a reasonable question – and not necessarily the no-brainer you might assume.

Here’s a solution I came up with to accommodate the capabilities and limitations of ‘free’ WordPress which offers a robust-yet-limited set of tools. Here’s the situation:

  • My site is divided into multiple sections (about 5) and there are lots of articles (more than 100 … and growing).
  • So I can’t fit all of the articles individually on the menu. Nor do I want to. The site is blog-like (new stuff all the time, very fluid), so I can’t micromanage the menus.
  • Some of the individual articles deserve a unique menuitem
  • Other menuitems identify “groups” of related articles. Most of the articles fall into these groups.
  • It’s great if you find what you want through the menus or the tag-cloud and category-cloud, but I also want to show you everything that resides under the menu heading.

So I’ve added an “All of the Above” link to the bottom of every menu. It shows everything that’s under the menu.

I believe that this solution can work because it’s

a) a consistent pattern

b) is fairly self-explanatory


c) I needed a viable technique for a unique situation

Redundancy is not necessarily a Bad Thing.



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