“We therefore propose that just as team members today have assigned doing roles, there should also be thinking roles. By knowing how other members of your team and organization think — and by others knowing how you think — everyone can be more energized, more engaged, more creative, and more productive.”

— Harvard Business Review

Thinking Roles: Team DynamicsThe above is quoted from “ What Kind of Thinker are You? ” in the Harvard Business Review

Kudos to Marc Resnick of Ergonomics in Design for the  heads-up on this intriguing article.

Marc passed away recently.  His insightful comments will be missed.

Let’s frame it

The two dimensions of macro and micro Orientation (big picture / details) and Focus (Ideas / Process / Action / Relationships) in a collaborative environment:

Big Picture Focus:

  • Ideas:  The Explorer
  • Process: The Planner
  • Action: The Energizer
  • Relationships: The Connector

Details Focus:

  • Ideas:  The Expert
  • Process: The Optimizer
  • Action: The Producer
  • Relationships: The Coach
 “Once you know your style, it helps to share it with others, and have others share theirs with you.”

In this way, your thinking style becomes a useful tool — a kind of social currency — for the team.


The observations – and conclusions – in this article resonated with me.  So I’d like to share them, in hopes that this will help spur thoughtful discussion.  By the way, another Harvard Business Review article – on social currency – is also worth checking out.



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