Technically and presentationally, iFrames are a flawed  technique these days, for a number of reasons.  That said, I still use it as a legacy, stopgap solution in one unique area of my resume website.

The DemoSite section (UX | Showcase | Demosites index) is a library of ‘clickable wireframe model mini-sites’ that I’ve produced as part of my body of work.

These 15 mini-sites (and they are actually small websites) were hand-tooled as prototypes, models and guidelines in a time before there were convenient tools – and before mobile was hip.

Several of the mini-sites are more than 10 years old. They were for in-house use by development teams, marketing, and business stakeholders. So all are designed for a ‘desktop-monitor’ (i.e. ‘non-mobile’) display environment.

My dilemma:

Be able to display ‘mini websites’ as a part of my body of work, but preferably without losing the clickable context of my own resume website.

The iFrame is a decent solution – even with all of its limitations.

Here’s what the drilldown tooks like (I’ve outlined the iFrame in red):

  • You can navigate withing the multi-page mini-site in the iFrame.
  • The “Index of Demosites” button returns you to the Demosite menu on my website
  • The “NIA Group” link under the Index button takes you directly to the case study in my portfolio.

Is it a compromised hack and a kluge? You bet. But it sorta works …




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