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Here’s an OldeSchoole product that I started using a while back – just because it was cheap and there wasn’t much available:  GIF Maker – Download GIF Animator For Free

  • Thoroughly adequate range of tools & simple effects.
  • Uses the simplest and most accessible graphical formats.
  • Nice, concise file output.
  • Works seamlessly on any browser

Here are several different applications of this  simple, free animation tool, which first appeared on the market (from Microsoft, no less) in 1996.

Flutter-By “meme”

One of my first gif animator exercises was to capture this simple “flutter-by” which I originally drew using magic marker pens on 5″ x 7″ cards for a film animation workshop at MIT back in the summer of 1976.

I captured the images and created this little visual one-liner.

Faded Lotus

This simple fade-in lotusBlossum animated a client’s logo : CP Cohen Art & Design.

A Sense of Scale and Scope

This Label+Logo Keywords Showcase was intended as an eye-catcher for a feature of my portfolio website : Domain Experience. The showcase allows you to parse 100+ clients by your area of interest.

The animation is a ‘hook’ to get you to use the tool:  It”s done more for effect than for comprehension.

Tell the Story

“That was then…” is an automated mini-slideshow which ‘presents the value propositions’ of one of my  website design engagement makeovers : NIA Group.

It’s basically a short, animated powerpoint.


Set the Marketing Hook


This 16-page guidebook was an integral part of a corporate commodities website redesign rollout at Bunge Global Markets.

The animation gives a hint by quickly giving you just a visual taste of the basic questions and agendas.  Interested?


Emphasize your Point


This ‘mini-slideshow’ serves as a visual attractor and also communicates your argument concisely.


These are a few simple applications of animation using … a simple application.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this freebie software app as a professional solution, but it worked for me (and the price was right).

As with all things design-y, “It ain’t the tools. It’s whatchya do with ‘em.”


Is there a free app/website where one could animate a company logo?” — my answer on Quora


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