I sometimes provide a “StartHere” popup window as a convenient, self explanatory mechanism that provides even non-technical team stakeholders with easy direct access to the focal features of the project in the DemoSite(our ‘clickable’ working model). It is a consistent, common entry portal for all project stakeholders.

The StartHere popup

  • … displays useful descriptions and guidance commentary about the Demosite.
  • … allows you to  navigate seamlessly among the project features from it.
  • … always remains open on your desktop. You can return to it at any time.
  • … is easily updated with helpful information about recent additions and changes to the project.

It’s a project guide and team newsletter

The StartHere popup encourages and enables non-technical Stakeholders to actively review the Demosite on their own. The Team can “cut out the middleman” when communicating with management Stakeholders.

Management Stakeholders have an easy-to-use presentation tool for enterprise consensus-building and client sign-off.

How It’s Used

Click on the Services section links for quick access to “clickable” models of core functional areas..

The Suggestion sections demonstrate design techniques that UxP believes should become part of the overall site design.

The Design Patterns and Page Elements sections show Project Team and Stakeholders how we manage the styles, layouts and “core entity” Information Architecture content that make up the Site. This is our online Style Guide.


How it works with the DemoSite

The DemoSite is a shallow representation of the UI Design we are working. It is a general image of how the site might look, feel and behave. It is not an accurate representation of the current rollout, though it may indicate what we’re aiming for. It provides a model so that we can get a sense of the total picture. It is an environment in which we can solve design issues. It is a work in progress.


We can expose different areas of the DemoSite by giving certain people access to specific areas, through a customized “Start-Here” URL.



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