Big Data is positive spin on what used to be called “information overload”.

The primary challenge – from a usability and site design perspective – is to make that yooooge amount of data meaningful and actionable by normal human beings.

Almost all of my business clients have wanted theBigDataIssue dealt with … somehow. The design solution is often in the form of “a dashboard” of some sort, usually with an eye towards “meaningfulness”:

  • graphical expression of the data (s.a. volumes)
  • valuation (s.a. goodStuff vs badStuff) 
  • trends (s.a. where’s it going)
  • timeliness (s.a. immediacy, “Act Now”)

There’s more, of course – usually defined by the business case, the immediate mission, and the audience .

It seems to me that Big Data implicitly involves ‘traction to action” (i.e. What do we do with this info.”)



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