I used the SurveyMonkey tool to explore a topic area which was of particular interest to me, professionally.

Why Do a Survey?

Here’s some background on my survey  The UX Self-Evaluation Checklist

You can take the survey yourself, if you like.  It’s sort of interesting.  And it’s short … UX self-evaluation survey

  • I was able to do so quickly
  • with adequate tools
  • it looked nice
  • and – at the basic level – it’s free

Context:  We UX-er’s spend a lot of time & energy navel-gazing about who we are, what we do, and why.  This was an easy way to Crowdsource some Wisdom.

As regards the “steps to create”

Those are mostly organizational and conceptual.

  1. Be concise.
  2. Be coherent.
  3. Be considerate.

The “reasons why” should be fairly obvious, but basically – You’re asking your participants to do you a favor. Treat them accordingly.

Attract your Audience

Actually attracting participants – mostly through the tools available in socialMedia – is a heavier lift. Perhaps more to the point: Here are some observations about “How to” attract participants

As you can see from this activity chart, I received a modest number of responses  (a total of only about 50) after posting the survey in late 2015, but then it tapered off quickly.

So I re-vitalized the process by re-posting the announcement of the survey in my favorite UX Groups on LinkedIn a year later.  My reward?

Re-posting the Survey link on multiple groups far more than quadrupled  the total number of survey responses(+216) in a single week.

But that’s another rant… Re-posts, Pointers, and Hooks


 The vast majority of info that is published on socialNet platforms is not original.

and … it has legs


  • … generates impressive growth in viewership – and satisfaction
  • … builds synergy among professional Groups.
  • … has implications beyond any one social network.

Communication is sharing.  That’s why convergence is a necessity.

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