We now require that well-designed site must be self-aware and self-evident. Such guidance can be provided through good visual design, well-written intros, context-sensitive popups and engaging, appropriate mini-presentations.

The whole point is to Be Helpful.


Self-aware / Self-explanatory

 Videos are an easy, accessible way to provide an introduction and guidance.

Audience-Oriented Video

Here’s a mini-presentation video that focuses on the needs of a specific audience group (In this case, the FastTrack for our target audience of Recruiters and Hiring Managers):

Functional Guidance  Video

Here’s a mini-presentation video that focuses on how to use a particular feature (In this case, the InfoCloud):


In practical terms, you often appreciate having a handy reference available as a step-by step guide to often-used tasks.

Desk Guide QwikReference

This sheet was designed to help the office staff maintain their Windows office desktop tools.

This simple “cheat sheet” accompanied a more comprehensive set of documents that helped systematize BTR’s office operations.

Note:  The ‘short cuts’ encompassed a whole range of different software products, but …

It put the most-needed / least-known desktop ‘functional tricks’ into one quick-and-easy document.  It was the repository for shared community knowledge.

View the case study in my portfolio: BT&R


Marketing Guide

ani-bunge-marketingThis 16-page guidebook was an integral part of a corporate commodities website redesign rollout.

It answers the basic questions and speaks to the agendas of the primary actors.

  • Provided Context
  • Addressed 12 focal areas
  • Highlighted new features


View the case study in my portfolio: Bunge Global Markets



CheatSheet QwikReference

This Quick Reference Card provided a concise listing of the standard Cisco maintenance commands.

The nice thing about keyboard commands is that they’re quick and direct.

The challenge:  You have to memorize them.

Until that time … this is handy.

View the case study in my portfolio: Ernst & Young



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