Here’s a thumbnail of The Conversation that I often have with clients early on in the engagement process. It reflects an important aspect of my UX Role as a Business Analyst with Design Skills.

Motivation helps shape Metrics

Business needs

Describe what you want to accomplish, as a business, and your criteria for success. (Edit the examples below as appropriate. Add items, as needed.)

  • * Rate each Goal as to Priority and Immediacy

Goal: Identify potential customers

Tools: “pre-qualification” form (required fields / contact info)

Metrics for Success: Name, Company, Phone Number

Goal: Push marketing materials

Tools: Ability to print

Metrics for Success: # of “print page” clicks on marketing collateral

Goal: Generate customer phone calls to sales force

Tools: On-site phone listing

Metrics for Success: # of phone calls to Sales Desk generated by website

Goal: Visitor self-qualification

Tools: “pre-qualification” form (optional fields / qualification info)

Metrics for Success: Business info, volume

Customer profile

Identify your customers and visitors, their likely agenda, and what they want to accomplish. (Edit the examples below as appropriate. Add items, as needed.)

  • * Rate each Task as to Priority

Who: Existing customer

Profile: Experienced, identify by business line or market size?

Goal: Speedy access to our service

Task: Quick sign-on for existing customers

Business Opportunity: Login to legacy site

Who: Self-directed visitor

Profile: Driven

Goal: Viable solutions

Task: Directed search

Business Opportunity: Signup, Talk to sales rep

Who: Casual visitor

Profile: Opportunistic

Goal: Learn about our services Task: Info gathering, connections

Business Opportunity: Printout takeaways, “Call me” followup

Brand Strategy & Positioning

What is your overall strategic objective? Does the Brand reflect that?

Do customers recognize the service brand more than the company brand?


What are typical customer relationship development stages?

What is our value proposition?

Marketing Synergy

Are there partnerships/cross-selling?

Describe offline Marketing initiatives. Can they be integrated with online?

Critical success targets

Rank the importance of these marketing objectives (describe in detail, if appropriate).

  • Catch up with the competitors’ online presence
  • Gain new clients by targeting specific NEW segments of client population
  • Generate more inquiry phone calls to Sales Desk due to the information/data on the website
  • Get more qualified leads/customer contacts
  • Understand customer needs
  • Distribute marketing materials
  • Provide information about specific products
  • Focus attention on competitive advantage(s)
  • Focus attention on particular service(s)


The Conversation discovers WHY.


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