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Taproot has connected me with worthy non-profit organizations in need of professional assistence. This group is focused on advocacy and activism in the AIDS arena. Pro bono

The Value Proposition

  • Mobile-ize the site and modernize the imagery
  • Answer the day-trip needs of their audience
  • Focus on community and people
  • Cross-pollinate with other media and recreation resouces


The legacy site design had several problems, among them:

  • Scattered. Lots of data, but information hard to find.
  • Poor messaging; text-heavy,
  • No recognition of customer paths; “inside-out” design
  • No cross-pollination among information ‘silos’
  • Few compelling CTA’s (calls to action)

Analysisproposed Homepage

Here’s my thumbnail high-level overview of the site. I dived into each section, clicked around a little, and read the mission statement.

  • HealthGAP focuses most on funding,
  • along with its related arena of policy. (specific solution: eliminate barriers to medicine / drug access)
  • There is a lot of information about international issues. The scope is global.
  • There’s an interest in encouraging activism.

The overall action profile of HealthGAP is advocacy and education.

Framing Questions

Accordingly, I suggested that some of these questions should frame the Website Thinkingdocument:

  • Who are we talking to? (our audience: PeopleWithAIDS or policy-makers?)
  • What do they want from us? (their needs)
  • What do we want to say to them? (our message)
  • How can we help them? (our service)

Reality check: Do we have any feedback/stats on actual usage of the site?

proposed Homepage


Because my role was largely advisory and strategic, rather than design-oriented, I provided more illumination and insight than end-product.

  • Evaluated and advised on the capabilities and limitations of their chosen website design platform (NationBuilder)
  • Evangelized for the utility of information architecture as a way to make their extensive and wide-ranging content aceessaible and usable
  • Advocated that their own employees would be able to crowdsource much wisdom and experience
  • Provided some guidance through my own writings
  • Focus on Action
  • Showcase the accessible stuff

This was a very satisfying engagement.



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