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There’s a tendency in the WordPress World to NOT contextualize advice.

Specifically: “Are you using WordPress.org or WordPress.com?” This is critical, inasmuch as the two implementations of this popular platform operate very differently.


Anyone who’s writing about a platform which operates differently depending on how it’s implemented should also:

  • Identify the platform implementation clearly up-front (i.e. “This article is about what you can do with a WordPress. org site.”)
  • Perhaps even provide a contextual disclaimer & explanation (i.e. “It works here. It doesn’t work there.”)
  • Refer to the implementation clearly and consistently throughout the article (i.e “WordPress.org”)

If there’s a workaround (i.e. “This is how you can sort-of do the same thing on a WordPress.com implementation…”), then that’s helpful, too.

Context means Comprehension

Here’s a shallow-but-useful intro/overview:  https://ithemes.com/tutorials/wordpress-com-vs-wordpress-org/

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