… for doing good work for good people. Lately, I’ve returned to my hippie troublemaker roots as a community media activist in the 70’s Cable TV, Community, Management (It’s very satisfying).

These days, I often work with the …

Taproot Foundation

“… connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono. Through our programs, business professionals deliver marketing, strategy, HR, and IT solutions that organizations need to achieve their missions.”

Earlier in life I did a lot of probono, community and volunteer work, which was really satisfying.

These days, I prefer ‘virtual Pro-Bono‘, where Taproot partners you up with a non-profit group that wants professional help. You … “connect to nonprofits through our online platform for short-term, 4-6 week projects that can be done remotely on taprootplus.org.”

If you need the help – or want to BE the help – I suggest you check it out.

Do Good. Do Well


Craft the Relationship

I’m very proud of this recent recommendation:

“John was exactly the right person to help. He took us through a process that was totally unfamiliar to us but really organized our thinking in a way that we couldn’t have done without his help. Our web committee was blown away when the full team unanimously supported the final product we developed — and there’s no way that would have happened without John’s guiding hand. John is easy to work with and he “gets it” – he’s had invaluable experience with other small organizations like ours and was able to work with us in a way that fit our capacity and our goals. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Jessica Bassett, Strategic Communications at HealthGAP


Models & patterns

Here are some more notes on pro-bono / non-profit patterns :


On general principle

In terms of dirt-under-the-fingernails techniques & tools, I’m a big fan of Going Native

But that’s another rant…



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