When looking at the User eXperience of anything, Context is paramount. Here are my assumptions about “why we are here” (tasks & goals) on a socialNet. This list is not exhaustive, but it applies to a lot of what we do on the interWeb.

… and I think it’s a decent point of reference for our ongoing Discussions of challenges and solutions.


1. Maintain a Presence

… in the professional community; my PROFILE is my online business card – I am a Member

2. Align

… with areas of interest through GROUPS – I am a Colleague ; social networking with like-minded professionals (colleagues) in order to…

3. Learn

… from the collective wisdom of the community, both within my GROUPS ( DISCUSSIONS/Honey ) and “at large” (POSTS/buzzes ) – I am an Observer and a Student

4. Participate

… in professional DISCUSSIONS that have been initiated by my colleagues – I am a Contributor

5. Initiate

… my own ideas and threads, both within my GROUPS ( DISCUSSIONS/Honey ) and “at large” ( POSTS/Buzzes ) – I am a Publisher

6. Get a Job / Establish Credibility

… these are a couple of the related motivators for “being here”; status & validity – after all, I am a Professional

Existing ‘professional’ socialnets do this already:

  • I can post my Resume and present a professional Profile.
  • There may even be tools for a Portfolio, Endorsements and Recommendations.
  • The fully-featured publishing and networking environment (hopefully) reinforces my value as a Professional.


Now I’d like to refocus a little…

7. The Vision Thing : Collaborate

This is one of my “value-added” goals – and I believe that it’s of real interest to other folks here, as well. Finding commonality, professing opinions, learning, and self-marketing are all cool – but they don’t make beBee much more than a “professional Facebook“.

I’d like to see this platform take us to the next level of interaction .

I got a nice taste of this possibility in a project with the Intuitive Collaborative Design Group at Bell Labs a few years back. It was a fascinating project (Check it out)

My takeaway from the Intuitive Collaboration project:  Affinity is Key

We’ll be re-visiting this assumption.  But that’s another rant.

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