It’s “Big Data” – presented small.

The numbers are eye-catching.

The seductive influence of a factoid is in its brevity.   The content is easy to digest – and easy to misinterpret.

  • It’s usually a BIG number, followed by a one-liner.
  • i.e. a Value + a Value Proposition

Simple.  Concise. A Marketeer’s Dream.

100+ Client Engagements

24 Fortune 500 Clients

7 Callbacks for Repeat Business

6 Large Jobs for large clients

Logo: Morgan Stanley

Logo: Deutsche Bank

Logo: FISA CityTime

Logo: Kyocera

Logo: Bunge

Logo: SchoolNet

These engagements resulted in:

98 Average # pages produced

1stfirst community-run cable channels in the US

4 Languages : Fluency

5 International Projects

28 Clickable Demosites

  • 35 Average # of Pages
  • 8 Average # of Templates

63% of engagements involve:

  • Content Inventory
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Best Practices
  • Wireframes
  • Demosite
  • CSS Styleguide
  • Info Architecture

60% of engagements : Remote


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