I added oil to my car the other day. It seemed natural and common-sensical to hold the bottle at the top and pour with the mouth below and close to the target.


But the oil burped as it came out, because the bottle couldn’t “breathe”.

The oil poured slowly and I had to be careful with the inconstant flow.

I realized that I really wanted to pour from the top. In this way, the mouth of the bottle would allow equalizing air in sooner – so that the fluid would pour quickly and smoothly.

Here’s my EveryDay UX design suggestion

…for those of us who are “fluid dynamics-impaired”: Engineer some supergraphics or indicators into those oil containers as no-brainer hints as to how to use ’em:

  • A ‘big arrow’ or ‘hand‘ image
  • A bold CTA that says “This end up
  • A handgrip as part of the container structure


Good Design is sometimes a Happy Accident.



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