The magic of Design Thinking  is Insight

I like to let some fresh air inside during the day.  Screendoors are good for that.

My kitties also like to spend some time outside. They usually either

  • Rush frantically through the door as I’m walking in or out
  • Sit obviously and expectantly nearby – and then conspicuously ignore my invitation to enter or leave.  This is generally followed by plaintive yowling after I give up.

Now, the screendoor itself is fairly cheap – so the screen often comes loose at the corners and …

Voila!  The instant Kitty Door


The space just below the protective pet barrier on the door is just the right size and in the right position to serve as a convenient pet portal.

Sometimes Good Design is just a Happy Accident

The ability to transcend expectations

Interestingly, the metal mesh panel that I installed in the door (available at your local hardware store) is marketed as a protective barrier.  It’s intended to prevent cats or dogs from scratching or pushing through the screen.


My placement of the “barrier” on the screendoor also created a viable Kitty Door, while still providing security.   The cats can go in and out at will during nice weather and I can have the doorway open – but latched securely.

From a Usability perspective:

  • The protective barrier addresses the limited agenda of one stakeholder (me):  The security of my property.
  • But it also is a primary satisfier of critical users of the system (my cats): It provides accessibility and convenience



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