Interviewers and potential clients always like to see screenshots. But – especially in the UX arena – they say …

“Show me Your Process”

This design exercise in 2014 was requested by an organization who wanted to assess my UX process and how I think. They requested that I spend “no more than 2 hours” on addressing this challenge.

The Challenge: A hypothetical client wants to develop a single source healthcare provider app for the smartphone.

My Response: With limited time, I tried to be comprehensive in scope, while still demonstrating the ability to propose “traction to action“. Perspective: an appreciation of end-user needs, market environment, and business agenda. A “hidden gold” creative insight (the communality of care). And, of course … Strategy.

The Single-source Healthcare App

The page captures that follow are scans of my realtime pencil sketches.

The following 7 sections are representative of the range of UX challenges:

    1. Big picture overview
    2. User-Centered Design (UCD) focus
    3. Assessment and Insight
    4. UI design model: Community level
    5. UI design model: Individual level
    6. Enterprise level challenges
    7. The Takeaway

1) Map: Overview

I annotated the original challenge and made a visual map of the relationships that emerged. A little messy – but helps me to “see” the big picture. Note: We only deal with the “User/Patient” perspective here. Other relevant players are “Physician” and “Administrator”


2) UX/UCD Challenge

UX/UCD Focus Outlines User Priorities, User Behavioral Attributes,Perception (It’s a Service), and Environment (It’s a Community)


3) The Communality of Care

I believe that the original framing of the exercise misses an important aspect: Healthcare is not just self-service– It is often communal by nature (The user is a caretaker, as well). Sometimes UX exposes “hidden gold”.

Communality of care.jpg

4) UI: my Community

For example… solution model for the “group view”

Community UI.jpg

5) UI: Individual Profile

At a more granular level … solution model for the “individual view”

individual profile ui.jpg

6) Enterprise Infrastructure

All this is possible only if we have necessary pieces in place

enterprise infrastructure.jpg

7) Strategic Synopsis

Revisit the salient points w/ stakeholder takeaway bullets



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