In 2007 social networking was an emerging opportunity area for content publishers. Interactive One was – and still is – a media leader in the Black & Latino consumer area, based primarily on traditional print publishing and radio.


Interactive One was looking to create “Web 2.0” presence targeted towards serving the African-American community. My Role was to help outline the digital interactive social networking space and address practical logistics, focusing on:

Entering the arena for this particular market

Support multiple Interest Areas

Easy Administration and Execution

Integrate Advertising and Publishing

This graphic provides a high-level overview of the landscape: Entry pathway, membership acquisition, interest areas, and functionality.



As the UI Guy, part of my role was:

  • Design a visual map of the interface and structure
  • Model audience Personas
  • Propose the dashboard entryway


A big challenge was to address the practicalities of building and maintaining a “live” social networking service – specifically one that could be supported by well-targeted advertising.

  • Competitive Analysis of other players
  • Evaluate the functionality and customizability of available social networking tools

Editorial Process

Interactive One was already skilled and experienced in “how to do publishing“.

As a person who had already developed marketable digital editorial tools, I was asked to provide some insights on the practicalities of electronic publishing for a social media platform..

Part of my role was to describe that process in terms that resonated with Interactive One’s existing knowledge base and process.




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