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The relationship between Sound and Learning

“Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop communication, language, and social skills. Steve Adubato leads a discussion on how to improve a child’s hearing through aids/implants and the importance of creating a strategy to help these kids development speech and language.”

Video:  Caucus NJ (26:30)

This is one of those “things I just stumbled across”.  Interesting. Insightful. Compelling.


Add Sign Language option to Social Media sites

“Facebook and other social media sites are very popular with the Deaf and signing community. We are usually early adopters of anything that makes it easier to communicate.”

Right now the main push of this petition is to get FaceBook to acknowledge the need …. but why not LinkedIn, too?


Accessibility:  Makes sense to me.

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Timing is everything.

I just encountered this “vlog” post (“a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form”) on Facebook, regarding real-life experiences with signing and accessibility issues.  Chris Haulmark tells an interesting story and puts a couple of  different signing techniques (that I’d never even heard of:  SimCom and SEE) into context.

Note:  Be sure to mouseover the little “spoked gear” icon and set the “Captions” to checked so that you have subtitles.

LinkedIn : 12/18/2015 – 04/04/2016 : 65 views, 11 Likes


The concept is simple: the interface offers writing to transcribe everything the caller says.

Youtube video

An app to allow the deaf to phone. The 1st mobile app available worldwide that subtitles phone conversations in real time.

Good News: This Kickstarter campaign got funded.


Wheelchair Access on Airlines

Please push the Federal Aviation Association to require airlines to provide designated wheelchair accessible spaces on every commercial aircraft, which will allow passengers to remain safely seated in their personal wheelchairs.

…Thanks for the heads-up, Universal Design France


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